How To Bet On Darts

Darts is getting more and more popular in the UK at the moment and it’s even hitting the USA with an event is Las Vegas being recently added to the pro darts circut. Not many people know how to bet on darts or what bets are going to be the most profitable.

One thing I like to do when betting on darts is remove Phil Taylor from the equation. There is always a market for winner with out Phil Taylor and you’re going to find better value here in my opinion.

Darts is one of the most form related game in the world. If players are out of form then they’ll lose early in tournaments against poor opponenets. This doesn’t happen on the same level in other sports and it makes betting on darts a really profitable venture. Look at the records and try to pick out the smaller players in the early rounds who are hitting a bit of form. Do this before you look at the matches in the early rounds. Then do the same for players who are out of form.

Compare your two lists with the early round matches and see if you can find a match where an in form player is coming up against one of the out of form players. If you can find a match then you have a bet.

Multiples also work well during the early rounds of Darts tournaments and I’ve had a lot of success backing 4 or 5 results early in tournaments.

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